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Yearly event!!

Happy New Year!!   “2012” year of dragon

Hi everyone,

We have been doing Yearly Acupuncture promotion day over the past years. Due to our schedule, we were not able to host this event last year. So now we are planing to host it during January or early February. So please stay tuned for the update.

What is “Yearly acupuncture promotion day” ?

We offer a treatment session of acupuncture at $25 on this day only. It is to promote Acupuncture and Chinese medicine in order to introduce this ancient medical science to people who have not experienced or have no idea what’s so ever.  Anybody can come and will be treated with Acupuncture and Chinese medicine (except Tuina therapy). We have limited space available. So people with appointment will be treated first.

This will be an event to introduce acupuncture. For that reason, we recommend you to come for “pain” issue.  Which is simply for you to feel, see and experience how beautifully acupuncture treat pain issues. Of course, certain kind of very severe pain issue may not be that easy to see any result right away. But in many cases, we see result right away. So for those with something that is very severe or certain kind of internal issues may not be treated as dramatic  as pain issues. Still, this event can be a good start for those as well.

You can also experience Chinese herbal medicine upon your request along with Acupuncture. It will cost you $30 for 100g bottle which is about 10 day supply. But each bottle is custom made for each conditions. We recommend herbal therapy for internal disorders which typically take much longer time to treat due to its nature. Of course, there are conditions that we want to see result soon. It is same as that we don’t want to take a few to several month to treat common cold-type of condition, as an example.

The date will be announced this week and we hope to see you at the event!!

Thank you,

Yamamoto Takashi, L.Ac.

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