Back, Neck, Shoulder Pain

This is one of the most commonly treated condition at our clinic and we do very well. Because we treat those conditions so often, our success rate is very high. As we mentioned, if it is acute injury with so much inflammation and tissue damage we may not see big relief from first treatment. That is why we recommend, especially acute stage, multiple visits in a week in earlier stage of treatment. But in a week or two, we would like to start seeing big relief from pain. Also we might recommend patients to combine with formula for better and quicker result. If it is already in chronic stage, we want to treat also in a very frequent pace to get the job to be done sooner.

However, if the condition is due to structural issue, it may either take a long time or we may have to refer for surgical repair. If the pain is not changing at all after 4 to 5 sessions, we will reevaluate. As we explained in Acute/Chronic pain section, we would like to see at least 80% of pain reduction at the time of service each time and we would recommend you to continue until pain is completely gone to make sure future no-reoccurrence. Entire course of treatment will be determined based on the severity of the condition.