Acute and Chronic Pain

Chinese medicine works very well treating variety of pain conditions. Based on a type of condition, you can chose from different remedies(Acupuncture/Herbal medicine/Asian bodywork) that we offer. For the better results you can combine them. But specifically with pain, we quite often surprise patients when we are able to demonstrate very quick result with Acupuncture treatment. It won’t guarantee complete recovery that soon, but our goal is to reduce the pain by 80% by the end of each visits. And we would like to continue until the condition is stabilized, meaning no more symptoms, “NO MORE PAIN” . Entire duration of treatment will vary based on the severity of the condition to begin with, the speed of treatment how often we can apply therapies(Acupuncture/Herbal medicine/Asian bodywork) and also each patient’s life style. So it may take a few visits or it may take multiple visits, even 10, 20, 30 or more. Also there are some conditions that we can only help with pain management/control due to underline health issue.


If the condition is not due to structural problem such as broken bones, torn muscles or torn ligaments,and all the other conditions that requires surgical repair, we suggest immediate start of treatment for better and quicker recovery. Basically, we treat all the acute conditions that do not require surgical repair. Location of pain can be any where from head to toes. And we would like to take care of it before the condition goes into chronic stage, which is even harder to completely get lid of. Pain can be nociceptive, neuropathic, or psychogenic type. Due to the nature of condition being acute, treatment result from the initial visit typically won’t be a long lasting one yet. That is why we ask patients to come for frequent sessions at this stage rather than waiting for a while to see what each visit is doing. We know what is doing, so we don’t have to wait. We would like to finish the goal to be achieved rather short period of time by doing multiple treatments in a week.


There are people who have been having pain issues over years. For example, headache for 20 years, neck pain for 18 years, lower back pain for 40 years and so on. Those are really really chronic while there people who had these type of issues, let’s say a few to several. One thing that we can say is that if those conditions do not get treated, then they will become really really chronic. Conditions typically we do wonders are the ones that their pain intensity fluctuate depending on the day. Those are typically described by patients “comes and goes” or ” achy, sore but not pain”. But when they are in flair stage, intensity of pain shoots up quite high. We treat other chronic pain issues, but we need to analyze each case since the level of the problems is not the same between patients. Chronic pain patients often present depression as well, due to long term restrictions in what they can do in daily life. Sometimes they may not have pain, but depressed due to the drugs that they are taking to control their pain issues. Our treatments can help with the both physical and mental struggles that those patients are facing.