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My main practice has been in Salem over ten years now. From time to time I was seeing small number of people here in Eugene at my friends’ office space. Finally, I decided to open a space which is dedicated for better services and comfort of the Eugene patients.

I started my training over in Japan under Japanese and Chinese teachers. After my basic training, I have strongly influenced by my two mentors who instructed me to be really effective clinically.  I feel I was so blessed to be able to meet them.  One is in Chinese Medicine, which is herbal medicine in Asian counties and he trained me in pulse reading, and the other is in Acupuncture.  Even today, I visit my mentors at least a few times a year to tune up myself in the sense of this old art of medicine.  Chinese medicine treats nature of each patient body nature and each patient’s conditions nature.  It is designed to treat “nature” instead of treating disease itself, so we can address the root issue and find the way to fix it.

Fixing is harder than masking. I do my best to fix each patient, yet I also focus on the manifestations.  At the time of your first visit, I will check you and explain what you are up against and what would be the options are.  Nevertheless, I will be treating you accordingly. If what you want me to do is to make you feel better short term, or to fix your health issue completely, I will do whichever you want me to do.

If you are concerned or have any kind of questions regarding your health issue or Chinese medicine in general, I offer free 15 in consultation for a new patient. It is complementary. If you are already ready to start, you won’t need it, but I want to do my best to be on the same page even before or during the course of treatment. On my end, I’d like to determine if it is something I can help you with or not, so both won’t waste our time and money.

In the past, I took walk-ins. But eventually it became very difficult to do so while I’m already busy with scheduled patients. So I do recommend you to contact us at 503-480-9697 or you can contact through e-mail from the option on the left side of this page.  As of now(1/26/16), Salem office scheduling stuff is handling the calls, but we will start Eugene office scheduling system soon. So it will be separated.

(You can dial 800 number for Eugene also)

Yamamoto, Takashi  L.Ac.